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The New Child Care Package

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In 2012, years ago, HubWorks! was approved by the Commonwealth Department of Industry for the baseline of a new Early Childhood Ecosystem.

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The HubWorks! Story

In 2010, a Commonwealth 'State of Early Childhood' report detailed that families were finding it difficult to navigate government funded Early Childhood services, federal and state. It provided a solution which showed that a family should be at the centre of the ecosystem, while maintaining standards and compliance for services and government. HubWorks! took that report and talked to government about building the ecosystem.

The Department of Industry agreed that a solution was going to be difficult for the government to build, because government business is one part of a child's ecosystem and for the model to work, it needed to crossover many services that a family interacts with. The Commonwealth also recognised the inherent attribute of services having more access to families directly through the ecosystem.

The ecosystem is a model, dedicated to frontline services, to families, and most importantly to children.

Funding was approved, based on the infrastructure of HubWorks! CCS being the backbone of the new Early Childhood Ecosystem. However, there was one catch. We had to demonstrate the need and were required to consult the Department of Education, CCSS, the child care services sector, allied Early Childhood Services and families.

An independent research organisation did a needs assessment over twelve months. The report was positive, demonstrating the need for an Early Childhood Ecosystem. The Department of Innovation supplied a new CEO for HubHello so that the project had a qualified appointee to deliver the Ecosystem. Over 5 years, five Executives were appointed as head of the Early Childhood Ecosystem delivery.

HubHello, Commonwealth and State governments, CSIRO, NICTA, Raising Children's Network, childcare sector leaders, peak bodies and many child care services collaborated to build the platform which demonstrated a service model for children, families, providers and Government.

The platform includes several current and past CCS providers, including HubWorks!, Brainchild, Centrecalc with two more CCS/CCITS providers joining before Christmas.

HubWorks! welcomes partnerships with other CCITS software providers to join them on the HubHello Early Childhood Ecosystem. CCS providers will be able to continue to provide their child care services with the quality of care they have done for years, while knowing that the backbone of the platform is compliant and modernised to the requirements of today's government.

Other programs on the Ecosystem are an Early Intervention Program, Nutrition Program, Childcare Wikipedia, Early Years Learning Framework, My Time our Place Framework, Early Childhood Census and Administration. The Ecosystem also provides a mobile parent portal. The parent portal was one of the first developments for the platform, as it was a key driver of the funding.

After 5 years, much sweat and engagement with multiple government departments, a change of government, reassessments, compliance checks, new engagements, reassignment of portfolios and sector help, the government signed off on the HubHello Ecosystem for Early Childhood. The platform is clean, looks and feels simple to use, but has solid government infrastructure, government design and government compliance underpinning confidence in government requirements. These attributes also underpin the new Child Care Package, by collaboration with many stakeholders, which enabled the predetermining child care reform.

CCITS Registration HubWorks! does not state it is endorsed by the Department of Education as the only solution for CCITS. All CCITS Providers have to go through registration by April 01, including HubWorks! We are committed to being part of change and working as a team with government.

HubWorks! supports the new Child Care Package system enhancements, and will provide assistance to your service and families, every step of the way.