This is where it all started for HubWorks! and is our flagship product. We were asked to find a solution to CCS from a number of long day care centres. So we turned it back on them and asked what they wanted. The feedback was unanimous. "Give us a CCS that won't bog us down in more administration. Oh, and we don't want to read a lot of guff." We listened and the result is a clean, simple CCS that looks like we just picked up a highlighter and put it on your screen..


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FDC - Schemes and Educators

Having worked with nominated schemes, HubWorks! has now launched its CCS - One stop shop. Now, sponsors, schemes, educators and parents can all take part in information sharing.

We are proud of what has taken 3 years of industry consultation and approval to provide Australia with a great one stop shop. We know you will enjoy using HubWorks! and see that your national and state peak bodies have been working hard on your behalf.

A quote from one of our users:

"HubWorks! has given us a one stop shop. We now have a system that allows immediate and accurate processing to CCS and allows us to interact between educators and parents at a scheme level but also for parents to interact with educators via one system. There is nothing to download or upgrade, in-fact the transition to HubWorks! could not have been easier. The scheme, educators and parents can log on anytime and any place, where ever it is convenient for them to access the internet and view their child care entitlement, fees and payments. HubWorks! always give us concise and friendly customer service and support, nothing is a problem and when it really matters. HubWorks! has shown us that time is the most important asset we have, creating a system that allows us to focus on our clients and to deliver quality outcomes for children."

Natasha Staal, Administration for the co-ordination unit at Wynnum Family Day Care


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Imagine a CCS that allows parents to fill in their registration form online AND has an online waitlist for when your service is at capacity? A CCS that also allows you to promote your Vacation Care Activities to your current families plus advertise vacancies to your waitlisted families, by utilising a marketing blast from WITHIN your CCS systems Message Centre? Online 'Notes' sharing between service and families is another fantastic way to ensure important information regarding your children, is always up to date. All this is exactly what you'll get, along with our whole range of other CCS elements when you join HubWorks!.


Outside School Hours Care is without doubt a unique identity within childcare. Caring for children who range in school age in short bursts at the beginning and end of the day, offering a variety of different activities in thousands of locations, it has earned it's own reputation as a great supporter of parents. HubWorks! is launching an OSHC product that is being developed with a number of OSHC coordinators to ensure we capture your needs.


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HubWorks! has been approved by DSS to participate in the Nanny Pilot Programme. The Australian Government's two year Nanny Pilot Programme will provide subsidised care for children to help participating families with the cost of using a nanny. It will support families who struggle to access child care services, particularly if they work non-standard hours, or live in regional or remote areas or away from existing child care. The pilot programme will formally commence in early 2016 when service providers begin matching nannies to participating families. The start date for a nanny will depend on each families requirements, and when a suitable nanny is available. The pilot programme will run until 31 December 2017. An independent evaluation will take place throughout the pilot to help the Government develop future policy for care provided in the family home.


HubWorks! web-based CCS application allows you to pull data from us and integrates with your financial system. If there is ever a need for troubleshooting, we'll respond immediately. That's the beauty of web-based applications and we won't infiltrate your firewall. You'll love our centralized waitlist and even more that it is a product for all service types. When you make the switch to HubWorks! we will consult directly with you to ensure you have everything you need by customising our product to suit your community.

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HubWorks! lets parents receive and send communication securely online and allows them to integrate with their child's world at childcare. Parents want and need regular, accurate information from their childcare provider. Imagine being able to give your parents details of their child's tri monthly assessment? It is the inclusion of these intricate details that only people passionate about childcare would think about.


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