26 secs

Average Wait Time


Customer Satisfaction

HubWorks! support is provided through several channels for your convenience including, phone, email, HubHelo community, online knowledge base, weekly webinars and social media groups. Our team are always ready to assist. The current average wait times for phone calls are 26 seconds, and customer satisfaction is at 96% as measured by our online helpdesk.


HubWorks! users play a vital part in product development. As a HubWorks! user, you have access to the HubHello community where you can request features, discuss with other services all over Australia and vote for what you would like to see.


HubWorks! Quarantine identifies errors you may have made before being sent off to Government. Something unique to HubWorks! - saving you time and money.

Online Knowledge Base and HubHello Community

Your Online Knowledge Base and HubHello Community are available with an active licence of HubWorks!

HubWorks! and the Government

HubWorks! has a fantastic working relationship with the Government both the Department of Education and Services Australia. For approved care services, the CCS helpdesk can directly support your service concerning CCS issues and HubWorks! will assist you with everything else.

CCS Helpdesk

Phone:   1300 667 276
The CCS Helpdesk operates between 9 am to 5 pm AEST Monday to Friday.

Here when you need

Our support channels are available from
8:00 am - 6:00 pm AEST

We also monitor and respond to email and social media requests outside of these hours.

Contact Us

Phone:   1300 769 110