Web Based - What is it?

Ask of your current CCS software:
  • Can I login on a library computer?
  • Can I login on a hotel computer?
  • Can I login from a colleague or friend's laptop?
  • Can I login from my iphone or blackberry?
  • Can I login from an ipad or galaxy tablet?
  • Can parents login?
  • Can my educators login?
  • Does my current software also retrieve?
  • Does my current software query on my behalf?
  • Can I use any computer other than a PC?

Ask yourself, how many of your families use:

An email account? A mobile phone? Use internet banking? Have facebook, myspace or twitter account?

Think of all the paper you save by being web based. Think of all the time you save.

Go Paperless No more printing invoices, statements, receipts for families. With eparent access, you are providing your CCS obligations. You are also giving responsibility back to families for accurate information sharing. In fact, going more paperless covers the cost of your software. You could be paying $0.

Environmentally Friendly Who can argue that becoming more paperless is good for your dollar and good for the environment.

Online Enrolments

Online Enrolments Parents can be responsible for the accuracy of their own information and provision of updated information. No more pieces of paper on desks waiting to be entered by administration staff.

Most services have a thorough process of introductions in person at services. With parents being able to access their own information from libraries, cafe's, home and work, your one on one welcome can remain focussed on your service rather than administration. You could even try a computer in the entrance of your service and run through the enrolment with the parent. Parents can print and sign.

Mobile CCS - Touch Screen

Mobile CCS - Touch Screen Take every child's enrolment form in your pocket. HubWorks! has changed the way childcare services and families use their mobile phone. Using touch control we have made a breakthrough in childcare administration. Easy to read, easy to touch, CCS is a breeze, reporting immediate. But best of all - you have flexibility at your fingertips. Services, educators, parents are able to look at or enter vital information in HubWorks! while on the road, on way to work, on compliance visits, at playgroup. If care is offsite, CCS can still be compliant, submiting attendances from a mobile phone. Submit CCS from your pocket. Make and take bookings on the road. And thats just the start.

Disaster recovery is a thing of the past with all your children's details in your pocket.
Anywhere, Anytime, Compliant Engaging families, educators, services, sponsors and government via mobile phones, ipads and other portable devices will reduce double handling and save time and money. But most importantly, immediate, fast and much more wholistic.

HubWorks! in your pocket Access and engage. Anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day. Holidays, airports, work, home, hotels, on the road.

Parent Portal

Bring your families into their childcare world. Parent Profile Our Family Portal is the gateway for family access to programs and modules. Using their unique username and password, parents will log into their portal to enjoy the exciting features and associated programs shared across their childcare world, including Gallery, News Feed and many more.

Parent Profile

Centralised Waitlist

Your centralised waitlist automatically sorts children by the OEC (Office of Early Childhood regulations) priority of access criteria. Or, you can sort by any field. When ready to enrol, just click the enrol button and all the information automatically transfers. No more double handling at all.


Support Voted No 1. Our HubDesk! has been voted highest performance from over 90% of our members. And 99% of them are switchers from existing software.

Parent Profile

Privileges, Preferences, Audit

Choose what you want to see in HubWorks! Choose how you want to use HubWorks! See who has actioned what in HubWorks! and when. All this provides you with the highest level of security.

Clutter Free

We use colour as a language. No need to read anything to get a quick picture. anyone can use this simple method of traffic lights. Green for go, Red for no. Everything you need for CCS is in HubWorks! It's just not cluttering your page.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

We use equal to and greater security than some banks. Your CCS is backed up on the most recognised and trusted server environment in the world. Flood, fire, cyclone, earthquake proof, your data is safe in multiple specialised locations. All users, parents, educators, administrators, login via their own secure username and passwords. Users only see their own page and information.


Quarantine catches errors services make before they go to Government. This gives the service a chance to fix and resubmit in a very timely manner without ever needing a CCS error message, phone call or letter from the Government.



You can make adjustments in HubWorks! from months and months ago, even if you switch today. But better still, you can make a single adjustment, and send complete in 5 seconds. No cancelling the week, no resubmitting the week, no retrieving. It's all done for you, behind the scenes.

24 Hour Care

We work, while you sleep. HubWorks! keeps working 24 hours around the clock, keeping you up to date and informed. That's the beauty of web based CCSS. CCSS updates CCS status twice daily at 5.30am and 5.30pm. HubWorks! pulls that data on your behalf twice daily, at 6am and 6pm. You know you have the latest information at all times. Absolutely no manual querying.

Schemes, Educators and parents can view latest CCS%, status updates and schedules, 24 hrs a day.

Keeping you the most secure when CCSS is offline. At the times CCSS is offline for system maintenance, HubWorks! secures your data in our Quarantine. With a desktop or networked solution, services receive an error message if they have submitted data and CCSS is unable to receive it. That data cannot re-enter the service computer, and therefore floats in the ether. This insecure option leaves highly valuable child information at risk. Privacy is vulnerable during this time. HubWorks! holds your data in our secure Quarantine and will auto submit on your behalf when CCSS comes back online. Even at 3am in the morning.