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Features Bronze Silver Gold
CCS automation
Mobile Web-Based ChildCare Administration
No establishment fees
We don't charge you extra to establish an account and transition to HW!. Pay your membership with no hidden costs.
Mobile Bookings (for VAC)
Easy Online Enrolments
Families web and mobile app
Time & Attendance
Financial and Operational reporting

Overview, Income, Balances, Parent Payments, Receipts, Charges, iPay, CCS Payments, Invoices / Statements, Bonds, CCS Calculator, Utilisation. Attendances, Sign In Sheets, Family Details, Bus Rolls, Waitlist, Message Centre

Quarantine Submission Errors
Quarantine catches errors services make before they go to Government. This gives the service a chance to fix and resubmit in a very timely manner without it holding up the rest of your submissions. Quarantine also holds onto submissions to Government and retries for you if CCS is down. Meaning you can head home on a Friday after submission even if CCS is down, we will keep trying until it's back and send on your behalf.
Colour Coded Data
Easy Adjustments
Easy Self Audit
Backup Data Recovery
Superior Software & Network Security
Staff Privileges
Payment Accounts & Integration
iPAY™ - Cashflow Tool (Direct Debit)
Video Upskilling
Onboarding Service Live Training
Email Support
Benefits of Partnership with Healthy Australia
NFP Program Contribution
10% of all HW! memberships goes to development of new Not-For-Profit Programs to benefit you and your children
feedAUSTRALIA™ - Menu Planning Program & Shopping Tool
PROTECT™ - Early Intervention Program
Phone Support
Priority phone and email support
Additional Live Training
Includes 2 team trainings pa. Pre-Schools, Centres and Schemes only.
SPECIALIST Consultancy
Specialist Consulting around potential product solutions (eg. Accounting, Payments, etc)
Electronic Sign In
EDUCATE™ - EYLF/MTOP & Planning Program
Multi service Dashboard
Ability to oversee administration of all linked services and facilitate easier business decision making for your service group
Centralised Wailtist
Ability to oversee administration of all linked services and facilitate easier business decision making for your service group
Special Consideration
Optimised Administration
We ensure your childcare administration has all of the optional extras enabled and is integrated for your maximum business efficiency
First pick for new product trials
As we develop new products, you will be the first to know, and also the first to try it out. This opportunity assists our development team in customisations that may be of great benefit to your organisation
SPECIALIST Consultancy & Planning
Specialist Consulting and Development Planning for potential product solutions (eg. Accounting, Payments, etc)
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