The New Child Care Package

CCS Providers need session reports to include Actual attendance start and finish time from 14 January 2019.
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In 2012, years ago, HubWorks! was approved by the Commonwealth Department of Industry for the baseline of a new Early Childhood Ecosystem.

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The HubWorks! Story
The ecosystem is a model, dedicated to frontline services, to families, and most importantly to children.


In 2010, the Commonwealth 'State of Early Childhood' recognised family difficulty in navigating government funded Early Childhood services. The report's solution saw the family at the centre of an ecosystem, that also maintained standards and compliance for services and government. A task acknowledged as difficult by the Dept of Industry, and essential by HubWorks!


The new Early Childhood Ecosystem funding was approved, based on HubWorks! established infrastructure and backbone. The catch? A twelve month needs assessment study performed by an independent research organisation, and consultation with the Dept of Education, CCSS, allied Early Childhood Services sector and families. The results were positive, and the needs clear.


Once a qualified HubHello appointee was supplied by The Department of Innovation, collaboration began with Commonwealth and State Governments, CSIRO, NICTA, Raising Children's Network, childcare sector leaders and peak bodies... And the platform for children, families, providers and Government was built... Complete with the first mobile Parent Portal, the key funding driver.


After 5 years of engagement with changing governments, compliance checks, portfolio reassignments, reassessments, and sector help, the HubHello Ecosystem for Early Childhood was born... Inviting direct access to an Early Intervention Program, Nutrition Program, Childcare HubWiki, Early Years Learning Framework, My Time our Place Framework, Early Childhood Census.


Partnering CCITS software providers, and HubWorks!, welcome the childcare sector, parents and children to the HubHello Early Childhood Ecosystem... The platform is clean and simple to use, with a solid gov't infrastructure, gov't design and gov't compliance underpinning your confidence in meeting gov't requirements. Join The HubWorks! Story too :-)

HubWorks! supports
the new Child Care Package system enhancements, and will provide assistance to your service and families, every step of the way.