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Do you have your ESI yet?

Do you have your ESI yet?

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Benefits of using electronic sign in?

  • Electronic sign in and out meets the needs of having the exact attendance times as required from January 2019.
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates the need to produce paper based sign in and out sheets.
  • Automatically populates the HubWorks! Attendance page.
  • This is a tablet based solution and can be used on any handheld device or computer.

How does it work?

  • Any staff member with staff login in HubWorks! can log the system in at URL http://signin.hubhello.com using their unique login.
  • Parents will now see the screen where they can put in their phone number and pin code - the first time they use Electronic Sign In the person will be required to create a pin after their phone number has been confirmed.
  • They will select sign in and press save (repeat for sign out at the end of the day).
  • Anyone that is on the child's enrolment form with authority to collect the child can use their phone number to sign in or out the child and put in their pin number.

What does Electronic Sign In look like?

  1. The staff member logs in, in the morning. URL http://signin.hubhello.com

    ESI Login
  2. The person using the electronic sign in will enter their phone number and pin.

    ESI - Enter Phone Number ESI - Enter PIN
  3. Sign in or out as required and save.

    Electronic Sign In

If the person forgets to sign out they will be prompted to confirm the time next time they sign in.

If the child is absent they will confirm this the next time they sign in.

Go to the Attendance page on HubWorks!

You will see that when a child is signed in there will be an arrow appear, this shows that the child was electronically signed in.

HubWorks! Attendance - Signed In

When signed out, you will see that the second arrow appears showing that the child was electronically signed out.

HubWorks! Attendance - Signed Out

If you expand the child details you will see the actual times the child was signed in and out.

HubWorks! Attendance