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Parent Integration

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Accurate Advance Invoicing

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Auto Offsite Backups

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Multi-service Dashboard

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Vacation Online Bookings

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Your Own Website

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Nanny Pilot Programme

HubWorks! has been approved by DSS to participate in the Nanny Pilot Programme. The Australian Government's two year Nanny Pilot Programme will provide subsidised care for children to help participating families with the cost of using a nanny. It will support families who struggle to access child care services, particularly if they work non-standard hours, or live in regional or remote areas or away from existing child care. The pilot programme will formally commence in early 2016 when service providers begin matching nannies to participating families. The start date for a nanny will depend on each families requirements, and when a suitable nanny is available. The pilot programme will run until 31 December 2017. An independent evaluation will take place throughout the pilot to help the Government develop future policy for care provided in the family home.

Parents Online

Parents want and need regular, accurate information from their childcare provider. More and more parents want to pay online, check their schedules, make bookings and share information. With HubWorks! parents can do this from their mobile phone, from work, or at home in the evening. No losing information sheets, no printing hell, no wondering whether parents have the latest policies. It's all there for parents to see. With QA a big issue now, sharing information online with your parents helps you fulfill your QA and gives families the communication that they need.

Switching is Simple. Here's how...

Let us know on Friday, you're up and running on Monday. It's that simple. We get your family balances on Friday, we import them over the weekend so you are set to start invoicing Monday. But the best news is give us your User Id, Password and CCB Approval ID and we will retrieve all your children's enrolments, past attendance history and CCB history direct from DEEWR. No manual data entry required! Call us to speak to other happy switchers who have done this process. It really is that simple.


Many existing providers have developed ´bolt-ons´ to existing software which is proving to be slow and difficult to operate, even using two screens. We have had many people 'Switch' to HubWorks! due to the frustration of CCMS not 'fitting' old software. HubWorks! has been built to CCMS requirements, specifically from ground up for CCMS. No complications. When it comes to simplicity with CCMS, this is the program for you.

Community Child Care Co-Operative

HubCare is delighted to announce an alliance with Community Child Care Co-Operative Ltd (NSW). CCCC NSW is a New South Wales' peak organization and our alliance aims to drive innovation in the early years sector Australia wide. Hub Care is delighted that CCCC NSW will join to influence the future of compliance and operating facilities HubCare builds for Australian education and care services. This valuable alliance is championed by the Federal Government, CSIRO and NICTA as early childhood and social services improve quality of care and education for children. HubCare and CCCCNSW are actively initiating quality assured systems that support the NQF and training provided by Registered Training Organisations across the country. With quality theoretical expertise, frontline experience and government accreditation, Hub Care and CCCC NSW are enabling the best standards of education and care for members and all child care services, across all areas of operational management in early childhood. HubCare will be engaged in best practice, best standards, best accreditation and the valued alliance with CCCC NSW ensures standards are consistent with quality training.